1. sometimes you jus need to be naked and right now is one of those times

  2. newtonandhermann:



    Average size mannequin with average size woman.

    The problem, in one picture.

    I never realized until seeing this picture that my interpretation of an average size woman has become REALLY SKEWED oh my god I wanna cry

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  3. How I Met Your Mother S3 Ep2
    “We’re not from here”

    Flash forward to 2029, Marshall’s Office
    Says: NYC Lawyer Captures “Nessie”

    It’s little details like this that make me love a show.

  4. Tonight’s dinner brought to you by being badass.
    Coffee Cajun Chicken with southwest style corn and a cheesy baked potato.


  5. Just finished Mockingjay.

    Many of you may know that the ending sucks.

    What most of you probably don’t know is that I am actually an extremely talented writer.

    I know I don’t have a lot of followers, but I’m doing this on my Facebook pages as well.

    if this gets 50 notes I will write an alternate ending to Mockingjay starting on page 348 

  6. celemiri:

    I want to have Chris Hardwick’s beautiful, nerdy, hilarious babies.

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  7. Anonymous said: Judging by your awesome uncle pictures, you are going to make such a good dad

    You’re so sweet.
    I think I’ll be a good Dad except that poor kid is going to have the worst genetics: heart disease, diabetes, cancer, depression, anxiety.

    As much as I want to have a child with my wife genetically more than anything, I think I may have to only ever adopt. For the child. Cause, damn if someone had given me the option, I would have opted out of these genes.

    Really though, that means a lot. Thank you.

  8. <3

  9. Corn dogs and cartoons. #beingtwo

  10. Watching Phineas and Ferb.