2. Just so fucking mad right now why do people all have to suck so badly.


  3. One of those nights where I leave everything social early cause I know I’m gonna say something stupid and hate myself for it tomorrow.


  4. Anonymous said: boycotting Exodus because they white-washed Moses and the other Egyptians

    Oh okay. That makes sense.
    I mean.
    It’s pretty stupid but also I kind of get it. -shrug-
    Like from a producer point-of-view. The ability to cast people who are going to bring an audience in is going to outweigh the desire to be historically accurate. (And that’s gonna happen in every aspect of production not just casting)
    And we cast things “colorblind” now, like the new fantastic four in 2015 is gonna have a black Johnny Storm. That’s not “accurate” but it’s the house they made and they support it.

    I guess I just don’t see that as nearly a big enough issue to boycott it, but also I’m a white male so what would I know right.

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    When two or three are gathered…


    Wait, why are we boycotting Exodus?

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    Dots and suspenders.

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  9. "Your government thanks you for your participation. "

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